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Fluidics set

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Adhesive, OpticalNorlandThorlabs0.002$27.60
Bottle clipcustom shopVarious machine shops2$15.00
bottle standcustom shopVarious machine shops2$45.00
Buffer bottle, pressurecustom shopglass blowing shop1$50.00
Buffer bottle, wasteVWRVWR Scientific1$0.52
chamber clamp longcustom shopVarious machine shops2$25.00
chamber clamp shortcustom shopVarious machine shops1$25.00
chamber holder framecustom shopVarious machine shops1$130.00
Chamber holder pincustom shopVarious machine shops2$10.00
coverslip#2VWR ScientificVWR Scientific2$0.32
Glass tubing - dispenser typeGarner GlassKing Precision Glass0.2$2.00
glass tubing for pipetteKing Precision Glass (formerly Garner Glass)King Precision Glass0.5$1.00
hexagon fluidic base 3custom shopVarious machine shops1$100.00
needle , hypodermic #23 blunt tipSmall Parts Inc.2$0.38
needle , hypodermic #30 blunt tipSmall Parts Inc.1$0.29
NescofilmAzwell, Osaka, JapanKarlan Research Products Corp.0.001$20.00
pinch clamp basecustomVarious machine shops1$40.00
pinch clamp frame 2custom shopVarious machine shops1$65.00
pinch clamp motorCramer 30569DigiKey1$38.64
pinch clamp nutThorlabsThorlabs1$10.70
pinch clamp screwThorlabsThorlabs1$14.70
Presser footcustom shopVarious machine shops1$10.00
screw, Nylon set8-32 x 3/8"Product-Components6$0.25
Screw, SS Allen-cap4-40x1/2McMaster Carr2$0.05
Screw, SS Flat-Head 4-40x1/2McMaster Carr6$0.04
Solenoid pinch valveCole Parmer EW-98302-00Cole Parmer1$73.00
syringe 1 ml, tuberculinBecton Dickinson3$0.50
tubing , Polyethylene Intramedic PE 10 Becton Dickinson2$1.00
tubing , silicone rubber , Tygon 3350 Saint-GobainProfessional Plastics6$0.11
tubing, Teflon #24 thin wallLapp Tannehill3$0.21
Estimated cost: $756.86