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piezo cable harness

Description ribbon cable and connectors runs between Piezo Driver board and Fiber Wigglers
Type Assembly
Piezo cable harness
6 feet of 16-cond. cable, using 8 wires for 4 piezos (2 x-y pairs), and 8 unassigned. Conductors 1-4 go to trapA wiggler on CCD side. Conductors 5-8 go to trapB wiggler.

Piezo cable harness
Connector housing 4 pos vert friction lockMolex 22-01-3047Allied Electronics2$0.15
Ribbon cable 16 Condalpha 3580/16Allied Electronics6 ft$1.11
Ribbon Socket, 16AMP-Tyco 1658622-3Mouser Electronics1$1.48
Estimated cost: $8.44

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