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Assemblies: Piezo driver board


Piezo driver board

Description takes serial data input (SPI) from Main Control Board and outputs 0-150 volts to 4 piezo stacks (2 in each fiber wiggler)
Type Assembly
Piezo control board
version 9 uses surface-mount amplifiers Apex PA340

Piezo control board
Piezo_Driver 8
version 8 used Apex PA240 amplifiers

Piezo_Driver 8
Amplifier, HVApex PA340CCDigiKey4$25.00
Capacitor , 0.1uF 250VWIMA MKP4-.1/250/10Mouser Electronics4$0.62
Capacitor, 0.1 uFKemet C322C104K5R5TAAllied Electronics10$0.13
Capacitor, 10 pFKemet C317C100K2G5TAMouser Electronics4$0.16
Capacitor, 7.5 pFKemet C052C759D2G5CAMouser Electronics4$2.36
Capacitor, Tantalum10 uF, 25V, 10%, Radial, Kemet T350E106K025ATDigiKey2$0.93
Connector header 2 pos RA 0.156"Molex 26-60-5020Newark1$0.28
Connector header 4 pos RAMolex 70553-0003DigiKey1$0.93
D/A converterTexas Inst DAC8534IPNewark2$13.92
Header, 16-raAMP-Tyco 499913-3OnlineComponents.com1$2.35
Header, 26-raTE/AMP 5499913-6Mouser Electronics2$5.54
LED green 3mmPanasonic LN38GPXDigiKey1$0.28
Op-ampNational LM324DigiKey1$1.00
PC BoardPiezo_Driver @4Various board manufacturers1$62.50
Resistor, 1/4W, Metal Film 1%301K ohm, Dale/Vishay RN55D3013FNewark4$0.11
Resistor, 1/4W, Carbon Film 5%10 ohm, Ohmite OK1005EAllied Electronics8$0.05
Resistor, 1/4W, Carbon Film 5%5.6K ohm, Ohmite OK5625EAllied Electronics4$0.05
Resistor, 1/4W, Carbon Film 5%330 ohm, Ohmite OK3315EAllied Electronics1$0.05
Resistor, 1/4W, Carbon Film 5%10K ohm, Ohmite OK1035EAllied Electronics8$0.05
Resistor, 1/4W, Metal Film 1%10.5K ohm, Dale/Vishay RN55D1052Newark4$0.13
Voltage reg.LM78L05ACLPDigiKey1$0.50
Voltage reg.(negativLM79L05ACLPDigiKey1$0.50
Estimated cost: $224.99

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