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Changes to drawings and documents

The following is a list of recent changes to parts, circuits, software, documents, etc :

4/3/09  Changed description of PIC programmers under Electronics Tools. Functions now include importing HEX files. Note compiling code is no longer required unless you wish to change something in the source code.

4/3/09  Corrected HEX code for Motor PIC in Software section.  Previous HEX code did not match source code.

 4/4/09 Changed ADC Mother Board to version 8.  Corrected wiring error in ver.7 where the voltage reference output did not connect with the MAX1168 ref. input.  Picture still shows version 6. Will be updated when new board arrives.

4/6/09 Added sample PREF file to document How to Calibrate MiniTweezers.

4/7/09 Fixed bug in pascal programs Photons and Raster3 where BGI files needed special directory. (see Software)

5/13/09 Changed motor control circuit to MotorControl_8.  This board now controls 4 motors: X,Y,Z and Pinch-Clamp.  Also see new PIC firmware for Motor Control board. 

5/14/09 Hexagon Base ver.6 includes holes for mounting new part "Pinch Clamp Motor"

5/27/09 Changed supplier for part "Filter, ND Absorbtion" 

6/5/09  Document "User Guide 2":  Added figure to show Hopping test. Added text and figure to explain Stiffness test.  Added figure "Iris/Sum versus Turns"  to troubleshoot problems adjusting trap focus.

11/19/09 Document "How to improve fluidics setup" shows changes to fluidics cassette including solenoid valve and motorized pinch clamp

4/1/11  Changed PC board "Motor Control" to new version. Uses alternate clock oscillator chip since old chip went obsolete.  Also changed PC board "Piezo Driver" to new version. Uses PA240CC amplifier since PA240CX amplifier is no longer available.

4/24/11 Made holes deeper in base of Prism-box Frame so the ND filter and the relay lens can both be mounted in same hole. See Prism-box Frame ver.2 Then the spacers are made shorter to keep the optics at the same height. See Prism-box Standoff Spacer ver4 and see LightLever Standoff Spacer ver5 

4/24/11 Added new document "How to Optimize SUM Readings"

5/11/11  Laser Power Supply printed circuit board version 4 includes trim resistors to suppress zero-offset errors in laser current and power readings.

11/11/11 Main Control Board version 8 accepts alternate clock oscillator chip

7/9/12 new GUI lt8E-Leopard has user-selected delays for unfold time and refold time. Also has text window to enter values for P3 pulling protocol (constant loading rate)

7/20/12 Trap-control firmware ver.2 (trappic2) corrects bug where sometimes the X and Y force axes were switched when controller first turned on.

8/18/12 update "Basic miniTweezers Users Guide1" to show PREF file used with version lt8E and higher GUI software

10/10/12 Changed laser wavelength from 845 to 808 nm.  Changed beamsplitter cubes and waveplates to match. New wavelength gives 10% higher transmission through objective lenses and less heating of water.  Also 808 nm seems less damaging to biological samples than 845 nm. See Fig. 4 of Vorobjev et al., Biophys. J. 64, pp.533-538

4/09/13 Changed ND absorption filters from OD=2.0 to OD=2.5. The new laser wavelength and higher transmitted power require greater attenuation into the force PSDs 

9/13/14 New program TWEEZ13E in software section simulates unzipping DNA sequences at various temperatures 

3/20/15 Moved TWEEZ13E into folder HOT_ZIPS along with new program HEATFLOW.PAS which simulates heating laser temperature rise

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