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 NameManufacturerVendorVendor Cat.StockCost
saran-wrap spacer custom shop Various machine shops $20.00
screw, lock kit Cinch D20419-16 Allied Electronics 750-7002 $1.18
screw, Nylon set 8-32 x 3/8" Product-Components S27-077 $0.25
Screw, SS Allen Cap 2-56 x 3/16 McMaster Carr 92196A076 $0.06
Screw, SS Allen-cap 8-32x7/8 McMaster Carr 92196A198 $0.09
Screw, SS Allen-cap 8-32x1 McMaster Carr 92196A199 $0.09
Screw, SS Allen-cap 4-40x3/8 McMaster Carr 92196A108 $0.04
Screw, SS Allen-cap 6-32x3/8 McMaster Carr 92196A146 $0.06
Screw, SS Allen-cap 6-32x3/4 McMaster Carr 92196A151 $0.06
Screw, SS Allen-cap 2-56x1/2 McMaster Carr 92196A081 $0.07
Screw, SS Allen-cap 6-32x7/8 McMaster Carr 92196A152 $0.07
Screw, SS Allen-cap 8-32x3/4 McMaster Carr 92196A197 $0.08
Screw, SS Allen-cap 8-32x5/8 McMaster Carr 92196A196 $0.07
Screw, SS Allen-cap 4-40x3/16 McMaster Carr 92196A105 $0.12
Screw, SS Allen-cap 4-40x1/2 McMaster Carr 92196A110 $0.05
Screw, SS Allen-cap 6-32x1/2 McMaster Carr 92196A148 $0.06
Screw, SS Allen-cap 8-32x3/8 McMaster Carr 92196A192 $0.06
Screw, SS Flat Head 6-32x1/4 McMaster Carr 91771A144 $0.06
Screw, SS Flat Head 6-32x1/2 McMaster Carr 91771A148 $0.05
Screw, SS Flat-head 4-40x1/4 McMaster Carr 91771A106 $0.03
Screw, SS Flat-head 2-56x3/16 McMaster Carr 91771A076 $0.06
Screw, SS Flat-Head 4-40x1/2 McMaster Carr 91771A110 $0.04
Screw, SS Flat-Head 2-56 x 3/4" McMaster Carr 91771A084 $0.05
Screw, SS Pan-Head 6-32x1/2 McMaster Carr 91792A148 $0.06
Screw, SS Pan-Head 4-40x1 McMaster Carr 91772A115 $0.05
Screw, SS Pan-Head 6-32x1/4 McMaster Carr 91792A144 $0.05
Screw, SS Round-Head 2-56x3/16 McMaster Carr 91773A076 $0.03
Screw, SS set 2-56x3/32 McMaster Carr 92311A073 $0.13
Screw, SS set 8-32 x 1.25" McMaster Carr 92311A201 $0.26
side panel custom shop Various machine shops $30.00
side panel holes and notches custom shop Various machine shops $45.00
side panel with holes custom shop Various machine shops $33.00
side panel with notches custom shop Various machine shops $33.00
Socket strip, single row, 32-pin Samtec SSA-132-S-G DigiKey SAM1121-32-ND $3.57
solder Kester 24-6040-0027 DigiKey KE1106-ND $28.50
Soldering Iron Weller WTCPT Allied Electronics 984-2507 $161.43
Solenoid pinch valve Cole Parmer EW-98302-00 Cole Parmer EW-98302-00 $73.00
Spacer, Aluminum Threaded 4-40, 5/8", hex McMaster Carr 91780A165 $0.38
Spacer, Brass 1/4" long, 1/4" o.d., .115" i.d., non-threaded McMaster Carr 90309A219 $0.30
Spacer, Brass Threaded 6-32 x 1/2" McMaster Carr 90308A127 $0.56
Spacer, Brass 1/4" dia., 6-32 threading, 3/4" length McMaster Carr 92474A447 $0.82
Spacer, Nylon 1/4" diameter, 1" long, 6-32 clearance McMaster Carr 94639A306 $0.10
Spaghetti Clamp custom shop Various machine shops $50.00
Spanner wrench, 1/2" ring Thorlabs Thorlabs SPW603 $28.40
Stage Bracket custom shop Various machine shops $175.00
Stage Spreader Plate custom shop Various machine shops $85.00
Status Wires Assembly Thorlabs Thorlabs TCM1000-ASSY4 $16.00
Super glue Loctite Super Bonder® 495™ McMaster Carr 7478A11 $3.60
suspenders clip custom shop Various machine shops $10.00
Switch, power 103-0013-EVX Mouser Electronics 103-0013-EVX $4.76
Switch, push Tyco MSP103C04 Allied Electronics $2.90
Switch, rotary C&K switch MB05L1NCGD Mouser Electronics 611-MB05L1NCGD $20.32
Switch, tactile Omron B3F-1000 DigiKey $0.20
syringe 1 ml, tuberculin Becton Dickinson 309602 $0.50

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