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instrument assembly


Analog to Digital Converter Board (ac66)
Beam block left hand (4346)
Beam block right hand (c1cf)
CCD camera assembly (c70d)
chamber holder (2fc0)
Computer and interface (5b87)
Controller Board Stack (0eb9)
Controller Power Supply (1ab1)
Coverslip jig (d2d6)
electronics tools (de8a)
fiber wiggler (021f)
filter slider (9d37)
Fluidics set (dfd7)
fluidics tray (6046)
force detector (9379)
Framework (ada5)
instrument Head (8170)
Instrument Lid with Lasers (bd88)
Laser assembly (f2fc)
Laser Engraver (0771)
Laser Power Supply (65a9)
laser power supply circuit board (b2ed)
LED light souce (1c3d)
Lower optical train (be39)
main control board (e797)
mechanical alignment set (78df)
Micro-chamber (455c)
mini suspenders (a94d)
miniTweezers instrument (4d5b)
motor cable harness (e6e9)
Motor control board (ebb8)
Motorized stage (4d86)
nescofilm roller (ddd9)
Objective centering assembly (87ad)
optical alignment tools (5328)
Optical rail and objective sliding mount (7811)
Other Tools (cd3b)
piezo cable harness (3d70)
Piezo driver board (4af1)
Pipette Puller (7c1b)
position detector (9dee)
position detector adjustment mirror (3a1d)
position detector lower periscope (9a83)
position detector upper periscope (e606)
Preamp board (e5d6)
Prism Box (9d3b)
puller Head (ea56)
Puller Power Supply (d03a)
Raster test light source (14ec)
Relay Lens Assembly (67d2)
Silicone Tube Adapter (e242)
Soundproof Box (2c04)
Tweezers Lab (997e)
wiggler mount (6c11)
Winch (c057)
Z-Limit Sensor (35b1)