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Software: Raster test visualize program

Name Raster test visualize program
Version 3

Converts data output from raster test to intensity maps.   Source code written in Borland TurboPascal 7. See .PAS file (top) for data format and PAS file (bottom) for useful keys to press.

Compiled .EXE file runs on most old PCs (not Vista)

However first you must download all Borland Graphic Interface  (.BGI) files into a folder along with the .EXE file and run it from inside the folder.  Actually, just download the ZIP , first line below here.

File (48.9 Kb)
RASTER3.EXE (28.5 Kb)
RASTER3.PAS (8.5 Kb)
IBM8514.BGI (9.7 Kb)
PC3270.BGI (5.9 Kb)
VESA16.BGI (6.2 Kb)
ATT.BGI (6.1 Kb)
CGA.BGI (6.1 Kb)
HERC.BGI (6.0 Kb)
Author Steve Smith
last changed 2009/04/08 00:30

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