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Software: stiffness test analyzer

Name stiffness test analyzer
Description A program to read through a data file which includes several stiffness tests done at different forces and compute the trap stiffness for each force.  Pascal code compiled in Borland Turbo Pascal 7.0 and runs in DOS mode on most PC computers. Operates on input data file with .TXT extension.  Input file must be in local directory and contain 8 characters or fewer in its file name.  Often necessary to open the input file with Wordpad and save it again under same name before it can be read by Pascal program.  Output file is written in local directory with same name as input except for .OUT extension.  Read source code header (.PAS file) for further requirements on input data.
File (9.7 Kb)
STIFTST5.EXE (11.2 Kb)
Author Steve Smith
last changed 2022/06/19 00:20