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Assemblies: motor cable harness


motor cable harness


Connects 3 motors to motor board and drives LED.

Conductors 1 thru 10 = X-axis motor; Conductors 11 thru 20 = Y-axis motor;  Conductors 21 thru 30 = Z-axis motor;

Conductors 27,28,29,30 feed through the Z-axis motor connector for an extra 6inches to the Z-axis Limit Sensor connector.

 Conductors 31 and 32 run the optional pinch-clamp motor.

Conductors 33, 34 drive the blue LED where 33=gnd and 34=+LED.

Black paper tape is strain relief and chafe guard where cable enters head.


Type Assembly
Motor Cable Clamp
where motor cable harness enters instrument head

Motor Cable Clamp
Motor cable harness

Motor cable harness
connector housing 2 jack inlinemolex 70107-0001Allied Electronics1$0.53
Connector housing, 2 plugMolex 50-57-9402Allied Electronics1$0.35
Connector housing, 4 plugMolex 50-57-9404Allied Electronics1$0.19
Connector, plug ribbon 103M 4610-6050DigiKey3$2.95
Ribbon cable 34 Condalpha 3580/34Allied Electronics6 ft$1.00
Ribbon Socket, 34AMP-Tyco 1658622-8Mouser Electronics1$3.58
terminal crimpmolex 16-02-0117Allied Electronics2$0.23
Terminal, crimpMolex 16-02-0104Newark6$0.12
Estimated cost: $20.68

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