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Assemblies: laser power supply circuit board


laser power supply circuit board


Connects front-panel switches, indicators, temperature controller modules and diode-driver modules for manual control of lasers.

All resistors = 330 ohms, 1/4W except R6, R7, R12, R13 are matched (1%) 10k resistors.  Version 4 circuit board has spaces for optional trim resistors to suppress zero-offset errors in laser current readings. Version 5 accepts newer rotary switches MB05L1NCGD

Diodes = 1N4148 or 1N914

Solder the Status Wire Harness and Temp. Controller harness (actually identical parts) directly to circuit board. Connection to panel meters is through 26-wire ribbon as dual-row 13 circuit socket.

Type Assembly
Drawing (0.2 Mb)
LaserPS5 board.pdf (96.3 Kb)
LaserPS5 schematic.pdf (34.8 Kb)
LaserPS5.brd (45.1 Kb)
LaserPS5.sch (0.1 Mb)
board back side

board back side
board front side

board front side
Push button Modified
Bend tabs and solder wires that will feed through holes in PC board

Push button Modified
Connector header 2 pos vert friction-lockMolex 22-29-2021DigiKey2$0.21
Connector header 3 pos vert friction-lockMolex 22-29-2031DigiKey3$0.34
Header 16 straightFCI 66506-043LFMouser Electronics2$1.12
Header 26 straightFCI 75869-105LFMouser Electronics2$1.30
LED green 5mmAvago HLMP-3962Newark4$0.60
LED orange 5mmAvago HLMP-D401Newark10$0.36
LED red 5 mmAvago HLMP-3762Newark4$0.60
LED standoffVCC Inc. 593-STD500BMouser Electronics18$0.05
PC BoardLaser_PSVarious board manufacturers1$100.00
Switch, pushTyco MSP103C04Allied Electronics2$2.90
Switch, rotaryC&K switch MB05L1NCGDMouser Electronics2$20.32
Estimated cost: $162.52

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