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Assemblies: Parts for filter slider

filter slider

List of all parts required:Filter parts list

Cable, Stainless 1/32" diameterSmall Parts Inc.6$0.25
Filterblue glassThorlabs0.5$82.00
Filter Slider Basecustom shopVarious machine shops1$30.00
Filter Slider Pieces Setcustom shopVarious machine shops1$100.00
Spaghetti Clampcustom shopVarious machine shops2$50.00
tube, round 3/32"K and S EngineeringK and S Engineering1$0.75
tube, square brass 3/16"K and S EngineeringK and S Engineering1$1.69
tube, square brass 5/32"K and S EngineeringK and S Engineering1$1.59
tubing , Stainless #17 hypodermicSmall Parts Inc.0.5$2.00
tubing, Teflon #18 Thin Wall Small Parts Inc.6$0.50
Estimated cost: $280.53