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Assemblies: Parts for position detector

position detector

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Cable ClampNylon, 3/16" dia.DigiKey1$0.05
Cable, 6 cond Belden 9536Allied Electronics6$0.52
Connector, 8 pos double-row plugMolex 22-55-2081DigiKey1$0.83
DL-2 basecustom shopVarious machine shops1$50.00
DL-2 holdercustom shopVarious machine shops1$50.00
Filter flippercustom shopVarious machine shops1$15.00
Filter ND REF 12.5 DIA 0.5ODNT46-132Edmund Optics1$25.00
PC Board Detectors @4 boardsVarious board manufacturers0.1$59.50
PSD smallDL-4OSI Optoelectronics1$75.00
Screw, SS Allen-cap6-32x3/8McMaster Carr2$0.06
Screw, SS Flat Head6-32x1/2McMaster Carr1$0.05
Temp SensorAD590JHNewark1$7.80
Terminal, crimpMolex 16-02-0104Newark7$0.12
Estimated cost: $233.76