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Adhesive, OpticalNorlandThorlabs1$27.60
Alignment Rodcustom shopVarious machine shops1$0.00
Aperture iris buttoncustom shopVarious machine shops1$0.00
Cable, Spectra 0.060" diameterSmall Parts Inc.30$0.86
chamber clamp shortcustom shopVarious machine shops1$25.00
chamber holder framecustom shopVarious machine shops1$130.00
Collimation tube with opticThorlabsThorlabs1$111.00
crimp tool set Waldom KK-100Allied Electronics1$37.16
Detector Holder BackCustom ShopVarious machine shops1$0.00
Detector Holder FrontCustom ShopVarious machine shops1$0.00
Dummy objectivecustom shopVarious machine shops2$0.00
gogglesInfrared safetyThorlabs1$169.00
Heat Shrink Tubing, 1/2"Alpha Wire FIT-221-1/2Allied Electronics1$16.88
Heat Shrink Tubing, 1/8"Alpha Wire FIT-221-1/8Allied Electronics1$17.18
Heat Shrink Tubing, 3/32"Alpha Wire FIT-221-3/32Allied Electronics1$14.45
Hot PlateDigital VWR Scientific1$596.00
Infrared indicator card790-840 nmThorlabs2$73.00
Kimwipe focus testercustomVarious machine shops1$0.01
Laser diodeThorlabsThorlabs1$81.60
Laser diode driver100 mAThorlabs1$99.50
Light lever lens focusing wrenchcustom shopVarious machine shops1$0.00
Optical fiber connector kitThorlabsThorlabs1$544.00
Optical power meterThorlabsThorlabs1$1355.00
Polyurethane FoamMcMaster Carr2$26.43
Programmer for PICMPLAB ICD 2 MODULEMicrochip Technology, Inc.1$159.99
Programmer for PICICD-U40CCS, Inc.1$75.00
pulleysteelMcMaster Carr1$11.00
Raster tester holstercustom shopVarious machine shops1$0.00
Screw, SS Allen-cap8-32x5/8McMaster Carr2$0.07
solderKester 24-6040-0027DigiKey1$28.50
Soldering IronWeller WTCPTAllied Electronics1$161.43
Spanner wrench, 1/2" ringThorlabsThorlabs1$28.40
unistrut nut1/4-20 threadMcMaster Carr3$5.15
Waveplate wrenchcustom shopVarious machine shops1$0.00
winch back platecustom shopVarious machine shops1$150.00
winch drumcustom shopVarious machine shops1$200.00
winch front Platecustom shopVarious machine shops1$100.00
winch GearSterlingStock Drive Products / Sterling Instruments1$15.71
winch handlealuminumMcMaster Carr1$22.79
winch prawlcustom shopVarious machine shops1$150.00
winch shaftcustom shopVarious machine shops1$50.00
winch spacercustom shopVarious machine shops2$50.00
Estimated cost: $4717.58