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Assemblies: Parts for Preamp board

Preamp board

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Capacitor 100uf electrolytic axialSprague 516D107M050MM6AE3 Newark2$0.85
Capacitor, 0.1 uFKemet C322C104K5R5TAAllied Electronics6$0.13
Header Strip, 1-Row Straight3M company 929647-01-36-INewark0.5$2.59
Header Strip, 2-Row Right-Angle3M company 929667-01-36-IDigiKey0.125$2.87
PC BoardPreamp @20Various board manufacturers1$17.90
Resistor, 1/4W. Metal Film, 1%15.0K ohm, Vishay-Dale RN55D1502FAllied Electronics23$0.05
Estimated cost: $38.44