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Assemblies: Parts for puller Head

puller Head

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Knob for #6 capScrewMcMaster Carr5$0.12
Platinum wire0.3 mm Alfa Aesar4$3.60
puller Bottomcustom shopVarious machine shops1$50.00
Puller Filament Mountcustom shopVarious machine shops1$0.00
puller Fixercustom shopVarious machine shops1$33.00
puller Holdercustom shopVarious machine shops1$83.00
puller Postcustom shopVarious machine shops2$33.00
puller Slidercustom shopVarious machine shops1$66.00
puller Topcustom shopVarious machine shops1$66.00
Screw, SS Allen-cap6-32x3/4McMaster Carr5$0.06
Screw, SS Pan-Head6-32x1/4McMaster Carr4$0.05
Spacer, BrassThreaded 6-32 x 1/2"McMaster Carr2$0.56
Washer, Fender5/8" o.d. for #8 screwsMcMaster Carr2$0.08
Estimated cost: $380.81