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Assemblies: LED light souce


LED light souce

Description The assembly that holds the blue LED to shine visible light throught the experiment and into the CCD camera
Type Assembly
Blue LED light source

Blue LED light source
Connector header 2 pos RAMolex 70553-0001Allied Electronics1$0.41
LED blue 3mmVCC Electronics VAOL-3GSBY4Mouser Electronics1$0.47
LED lamp postcustom shopVarious machine shops1$65.00
LED slider mountcustom shopVarious machine shops1$30.00
Lensbi-convex, f = 50Newport Corporation1$30.00
PC Board Detectors @4 boardsVarious board manufacturers0.1$59.50
Resistor, 1/4W, Carbon Film 5%220 ohm, Ohmite OK2215EAllied Electronics1$0.05
Screw, SS Allen-cap4-40x3/8McMaster Carr1$0.04
Screw, SS Allen-cap8-32x3/4McMaster Carr2$0.08
Estimated cost: $132.08

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