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Assemblies: Framework



Description The framework for the instrument head
Type Assembly
bare skeleton

bare skeleton
cable clamps and wiring harnesses

cable clamps and wiring harnesses
Mark hole position on hex spacers
Choose 4 hex spacers across ends of optical path (not front or back where cables come out). Hold crossbar level with its top edge at the same height as the Sided-Panel mounting holes. Mark Hex Spacers with pencil at center of slot in Crossbar Bracket. Remove spacers and drill/tap 4 holes to accept 6-32 screws.

Mark hole position on hex spacers
Children mini suspenders
Cable ClampNylon, 3/8" dia.DigiKey2$0.06
Cable tiePanduit Corp PLT1.5M-CDigiKey2$0.20
fluidics legcustom shopVarious machine shops3$30.00
hex spacer with clip holescustom shopVarious machine shops1$50.00
hex spacerscustom shopVarious machine shops5$45.00
Hexagon Base 6custom shopVarious machine shops1$250.00
Knob for #4 capScrewMcMaster Carr12$0.12
Ribbon Cable Clampcustom shopVarious machine shops2$20.00
saran-wrap spacercustom shopVarious machine shops3$20.00
Screw, SS Allen-cap6-32x3/8McMaster Carr4$0.06
Screw, SS Allen-cap8-32x3/4McMaster Carr6$0.08
Screw, SS Allen-cap4-40x3/16McMaster Carr12$0.12
Screw, SS Flat Head6-32x1/2McMaster Carr7$0.05
Screw, SS set8-32 x 1.25"McMaster Carr6$0.26
side panelcustom shopVarious machine shops3$30.00
side panel holes and notchescustom shopVarious machine shops1$45.00
side panel with holescustom shopVarious machine shops1$33.00
side panel with notchescustom shopVarious machine shops1$33.00
Spacer, Brass1/4" dia., 6-32 threading, 3/4" lengthMcMaster Carr4$0.82
Estimated cost: $925.31

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