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Assemblies: CCD camera assembly


CCD camera assembly

Description It includes the CCD camera on the top deck and the field lens on the lower deck.
Type Assembly
Magnetic Lens Mount
magnetic ring is held by 3 rare-earth magnets which are glued into depressions (holes marked "F") in the Hexagon Base

Magnetic Lens Mount
CCD CameraWatec 902H3 SupremeSave on Video1$306.00
field lens washercustom shopVarious machine shops1$30.00
Filterblue glassThorlabs0.1$82.00
focus tubecustom shopVarious machine shops1$80.00
focus-tube end capcustom shopVarious machine shops1$30.00
Lens achromat, f=175CVI/Melles Griot1$74.00
MagnetRadio ShackRadio Shack3$1.99
Estimated cost: $534.17

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