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Motor control board

Description Takes serial input from Main board and controls motion of 3 DC servo motors with shaft encoders. Also controls a 4th DC motor for the Pinch Clamp control, but this motor has no encoder.  Uses one PIC micro-controller and 3 quadrature counter chips. 
Type Assembly
Motor control board

Motor control board
Capacitor, 0.1 uFKemet C322C104K5R5TAAllied Electronics13$0.13
Capacitor, Electrolytic100 uf, 50V, radial, Panasonic EEU-FC1H101DigiKey2$0.44
Clock oscillatorEpson SG-51PH 38.0000MCDigiKey1$5.15
Connector header 3 pos RAMolex 70553-0002DigiKey1$1.03
Diode, signal 1N4148DigiKey1$0.14
H-bridgeAllegro A3966SLB-TDigiKey2$2.00
Header, 26-raTE/AMP 5499913-6Mouser Electronics1$5.54
Header, 34-raAMP-Tyco 499913-8OnlineComponents.com1$4.50
HEX Inverter74HC14DigiKey1$0.50
IC Socket, 14Assmann AR14-HZL-TT-RDigiKey4$0.78
IC Socket, 20Assmann AR20-HZL-TT-RDigiKey3$1.11
Jack, modularAMP-Tyco 555165-1Newark1$0.64
LED green 3mmPanasonic LN38GPXDigiKey1$0.28
LED red 3mmPanasonic LN28RPXDigiKey6$0.22
Micro controllerMicrochip 18F6520-I/DigiKey1$11.15
NAND gate74HC10DigiKey1$0.50
OR gate74HC32DigiKey2$0.50
PC BoardMotor_Control9B @4Various board manufacturers1$59.50
Quadrature Decoder / CounterLFLS7166-DIPUS Digital3$12.23
Resistor, 1/4W, Carbon Film 5%220 ohm, Ohmite OK2215EAllied Electronics1$0.05
Resistor, 1/4W, Carbon Film 5%330 ohm, Ohmite OK3315EAllied Electronics7$0.05
Resistor, 1/4W, Carbon Film 5%10K ohm, Ohmite OK1035EAllied Electronics1$0.05
Resistor, 1/4W, Carbon Film 5%2.7K ohm, Ohmite OK2725EAllied Electronics9$0.05
Switch, tactileOmron B3F-1000DigiKey1$0.20
Estimated cost: $142.06

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