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Property:electronic | machined part | optic | supply
 NameManufacturerVendorVendor Cat.StockCost
Fiber Optic Connector Thorlabs Thorlabs 30125D2 $12.00
Filter ND absorption NT48-532 Edmund Optics NT48-532 $22.00
goggles Infrared safety Thorlabs LG5 $169.00
Infrared indicator card 790-840 nm Thorlabs VRC4 $73.00
Kimwipe focus tester custom Various machine shops $0.01
Kimwipe focus tester custom Various machine shops $0.01
Laser LU0808M250-FBG Lumics GmbH LU0808M250 with FBG $1800.00
Lens plano-convex, f=75 Newport Corporation KPX055 $35.00
Lens plano-convex, f=63 Newport Corporation KPX052 $35.00
Lens achromat, f=20mm Thorlabs AC080-020-B $38.00
Lens plastic, f=12mm Thorlabs CSX122 $12.00
Lens bi-convex, f = 50 Newport Corporation KBX034 $30.00
Lens achromat, f=175 CVI/Melles Griot LAO-175.0-25.0 $74.00
Mirror NT43-869 Edmund Optics $11.00
Objective lens UPLSAPO 60XW Olympus America UPLSAPO 60XW $7430.00
Optical fiber connector kit Thorlabs Thorlabs CK03 $544.00
Pellicle BP108 Thorlabs $77.70
Photo-diode PIN-10DI OSI Optoelectronics $50.00
Polarizing Cube Beamsplitter PBS-810-050 CVI/Melles Griot PBS-810-050 $220.00
Prism, RA 05BR08 Newport Corporation $69.00
Retainer rings SM05RR Thorlabs $5.10
retarder film 1/2 Wave Anchor Optics U27342 $11.05
Retro reflector Newport BGR-6.35 Newport Corporation BGR-6.35 $379.00
tubing, furcation fiber optic Thorlabs FT900SM $2.00
Waveplate WPQ05M-808 Thorlabs $410.00

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