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Laser Power Supply

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Box, utilityBud CU-879Mouser Electronics1$56.40
Cable, coaxialRG179U-1 ftPasternack2$20.80
Connector header 2 pos vert friction-lockMolex 22-29-2021DigiKey2$0.21
Connector header 3 pos vert friction-lockMolex 22-29-2031DigiKey3$0.34
Connector housing 2 pos. vert friction-lockMolex 22-01-3027Allied Electronics2$0.12
Connector housing 3 pos vert friction-lockMolex 22-01-3037Newark4$0.12
Connector, BNCAmphenol 31-10-RFXAllied Electronics2$3.20
Connector, DB-9 FemaleAmphenol L77-DE09S Allied Electronics2$5.27
Dial, 15 turns, countingBourns H-22-6ADigiKey2$8.54
Diode, signal 1N4148DigiKey2$0.14
extender nut setAMP 5205817-8Newark2$0.76
Ferrite beadFair Rite 2631540202Newark2$0.79
FuseBussman AGC-3ANewark1$1.38
Fuse holderLittelFuse H342004Newark1$2.28
Header 16 straightFCI 66506-043LFMouser Electronics2$1.12
Header 26 straightFCI 75869-105LFMouser Electronics2$1.30
Laser diode driver500 mAThorlabs2$360.00
Laser power supply front panelcustom shopFront Panel Express, LLC1$100.00
LED green 5mmAvago HLMP-3962Newark4$0.60
LED orange 5mmAvago HLMP-D401Newark10$0.36
LED red 5 mmAvago HLMP-3762Newark4$0.60
LED standoffVCC Inc. 593-STD500BMouser Electronics18$0.05
Meter, digital panelJewell BL-330302-01UAllied Electronics2$91.07
Nut, SShex 4-40McMaster Carr4$0.03
PC BoardLaser_PSVarious board manufacturers1$100.00
potentiometerBournsMouser Electronics2$13.38
Power cord71535K51McMaster Carr1$5.04
Power supply 5VSL-Power HB5-3-OV-A+GAllied Electronics2$67.53
Receptacle, ACVolex 17252ANewark1$1.29
Ribbon cable 16 Condalpha 3580/16Allied Electronics2$1.11
Ribbon cable 26 cond3M 3302/26Mouser Electronics1$2.74
Ribbon Socket, 16AMP-Tyco 1658622-3Mouser Electronics2$1.48
Ribbon Socket, 26AMP-Tyco 1658622-6DigiKey4$1.46
Rubber foot3M Corp. SJ-5514DigiKey4$0.46
Screw, SS Pan-Head4-40x1McMaster Carr4$0.05
Screw, SS Pan-Head6-32x1/2McMaster Carr4$0.06
Spacer, AluminumThreaded 4-40, 5/8", hexMcMaster Carr4$0.38
Status Wires AssemblyThorlabsThorlabs2$16.00
Switch, power103-0013-EVXMouser Electronics1$4.76
Switch, pushTyco MSP103C04Allied Electronics2$2.90
Switch, rotaryC&K switch MB05L1NCGDMouser Electronics2$20.32
Temp controllerTCM1000TThorlabs2$336.60
Estimated cost: $2200.25