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Assemblies: Parts for Instrument Lid with Lasers

Instrument Lid with Lasers

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Cable ClampNylon, 1/4" dia.Allied Electronics3$0.07
Cable, 9 condBelden 9423Allied Electronics12$0.82
Connector hood DB9Cinch DE-24657-30Mouser Electronics2$4.26
Connector, DE-9PCinch DE-9PNewark2$2.83
Diode, Schottky1N5818DigiKey2$0.54
Fiber adapterADAFC2Thorlabs2$10.20
Fiber Feedthru Platecustom shopVarious machine shops2$20.00
hexagon topcustom shopVarious machine shops1$250.00
LaserLU0808M250-FBGLumics GmbH2$1800.00
laser basecustom shopVarious machine shops2$250.00
Laser Base Covercustom shopVarious machine shops2$33.00
laser cable clampcustom shopVarious machine shops2$20.00
PC boardLaser_Diode_Mount @10Various board manufacturers2$13.12
screw, lock kitCinch D20419-16Allied Electronics2$1.18
Screw, SS Allen-cap8-32x1McMaster Carr4$0.09
Screw, SS Allen-cap4-40x3/16McMaster Carr16$0.12
Screw, SS Flat Head6-32x1/2McMaster Carr4$0.05
Screw, SS Flat-head2-56x3/16McMaster Carr24$0.06
Screw, SS Flat-Head 4-40x1/2McMaster Carr4$0.04
Spacer, Brass1/4" dia., 6-32 threading, 3/4" lengthMcMaster Carr1$0.82
WasherSS #8McMaster Carr1$0.07
Estimated cost: $4575.26