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filter slider


changes filters in front of CCD camera

Handle pulls 1/32" stranded steel cable inside 2-meter-long teflon tube.  End of cable pushes/pulls telescoping brass tube so it slides over inner stationary tube. Outer moving  tube carries glass filters used to shield CCD camera from infrared light.

Type Assembly
filter slider
assembled filter slider shown before cutting extra cable and before glueing galss filters.

filter slider
filter slider parts
components of filter slider

filter slider parts
Filter Slider Basecustom shopVarious machine shops1$30.00
Filter Slider Pieces Setcustom shopVarious machine shops1$100.00
Filterblue glassThorlabs0.5$82.00
tubing , Stainless #17 hypodermicSmall Parts Inc.0.5 ft$2.00
Spaghetti Clampcustom shopVarious machine shops2$50.00
Cable, Stainless 1/32" diameterSmall Parts Inc.6 ft$0.25
tubing, Teflon #18 Thin Wall Small Parts Inc.6 ft$0.50
tube, round 3/32"K and S EngineeringK and S Engineering1$0.75
tube, square brass 3/16"K and S EngineeringK and S Engineering1$1.69
tube, square brass 5/32"K and S EngineeringK and S Engineering1$1.59
Estimated cost: $280.53

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