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Category:Fluidics | Tools | boards | instrument assembly
G) Wiggler.. Ball arranged on mandrel
G) Wiggler.. Ball arranged on mandrel instrument assembly fiber wiggler
G) thread inserts
G) thread inserts instrument assembly Optical rail and objective sliding mount
G) Cube in place
Looking from this view one sees PSD and Iris detectors superposed due to half-silvered mirror.
G) Cube in place instrument assembly force detector
G) finished pickoff tube
with attached pellicle
G) finished pickoff tube instrument assembly position detector lower periscope
G) Attach Cover
G) Attach Cover instrument assembly Prism Box
G) Feed the FC termination inside
FC termination goes through the hole on the laser base front, then it is fed through the feedthru plate into the adapter from ThorLabs with cap.
G) Feed the FC termination inside instrument assembly Laser assembly

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