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Category:Fluidics | Tools | boards | instrument assembly
miniTweezers controller
miniTweezers controller instrument assembly Controller Power Supply
micro fluidics chamber and holder
fluidics chamber mounted in holder and connected to external tubes
micro fluidics chamber and holder Fluidics chamber holder
Micro fluidic chamber
Micro fluidic chamber Fluidics Micro-chamber
miniTweezers Instrument
miniTweezers Instrument instrument assembly miniTweezers instrument
mechanical alignment test
3/8" rod should slide through prism box front holes and objective mount bushings
mechanical alignment test Tools mechanical alignment set
miniTweezers instrument head
instrument head of dual-beam counter-propagating optical trap.
miniTweezers instrument head instrument assembly instrument Head
M) Seal the detector with tape and trim off the border
M) Seal the detector with tape and trim off the border instrument assembly force detector
mini suspenders
suspenders shown on top of instrument, ready for shipping
mini suspenders instrument assembly mini suspenders
Mark hole position on hex spacers
Choose 4 hex spacers across ends of optical path (not front or back where cables come out). Hold crossbar level with its top edge at the same height as the Sided-Panel mounting holes. Mark Hex Spacers with pencil at center of slot in Crossbar Bracket. Remove spacers and drill/tap 4 holes to accept 6-32 screws.
Mark hole position on hex spacers instrument assembly Framework
motor limit board
Part of Detector Board set has been cut ouy
motor limit board boards
Magnetic Lens Mount
magnetic ring is held by 3 rare-earth magnets which are glued into depressions (holes marked "F") in the Hexagon Base
Magnetic Lens Mount instrument assembly CCD camera assembly
Motor Cable Clamp
where motor cable harness enters instrument head
Motor Cable Clamp instrument assembly motor cable harness
Motor cable harness
Motor cable harness instrument assembly motor cable harness
Main control board
Main control board boards main control board
Motor control board
Motor control board boards Motor control board

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