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Category:Fluidics | Tools | boards | instrument assembly
B) Wiggler.. press bushing into base
B) Wiggler.. press bushing into base instrument assembly fiber wiggler
Blue LED light source
Blue LED light source instrument assembly LED light souce
bottle holder
bottle holder Fluidics fluidics tray
Back view
Back view instrument assembly Laser Power Supply
B) attach stage left
B) attach stage left instrument assembly Optical rail and objective sliding mount
B) Mechanical parts assembled
B) Mechanical parts assembled instrument assembly force detector
B) position film
raise pickof tube until it stretches the film
B) position film instrument assembly position detector lower periscope
B) Countersink holes
Countersink holes for 2-56 flat head screws. The metal is too thin for full depth countersink. Just stop when you start to enlarge the clearance hole out the other side. The thicker Prism Box Lid will accept a full depth countersink. The remaining depth is tapped 2-56 so you can screw in a flat-headed screw pointing out ofn the box and the screw head will not rise above the inside surface of the box and scratch the glass prisms.
B) Countersink holes instrument assembly Prism Box
bare skeleton
bare skeleton instrument assembly Framework
board back side
board back side boards laser power supply circuit board
board front side
board front side boards laser power supply circuit board
B) Laser Mount wiring
Wire connections to Laser Mount PC Board and on DB-9 connector. On the connector wire pins as follows: Pin1=brown Pin2=red Pin3=orange Pin4=yellow Pin5=green Pin6=blue (same end as pin1) Pin7=violet Pin8=black Pin9=white (same end as pin5)
B) Laser Mount wiring instrument assembly Laser assembly

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