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instrument Head

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Actuator motor OBSOLETE Thorlabs Z606Thorlabs3$320.00
Adhesive, OpticalNorlandThorlabs0.002$27.60
Adj. ScrewThorlabsThorlabs6$9.50
Beam block nutcustom shopVarious machine shops2$10.00
Bottle clipcustom shopVarious machine shops2$15.00
bottle standcustom shopVarious machine shops2$45.00
brass tube1/16"Small Parts Inc.0.2$2.71
brass tube 5/32"Small Parts Inc.0.2$4.41
brass tube 1/8"Small Parts Inc.0.2$3.67
brass tube 3/32"Small Parts Inc.0.2$2.81
brass tube 1/32"Special ShapesK and S Engineering0.02$1.25
Buffer bottle, pressurecustom shopglass blowing shop1$50.00
Buffer bottle, wasteVWRVWR Scientific1$0.52
Bullseye filter, 8 mmcustom shopVarious machine shops2$20.00
Cable ClampNylon, 3/8" dia.DigiKey2$0.06
Cable ClampNylon, 1/4" dia.Allied Electronics3$0.07
Cable ClampNylon, 3/16" dia.DigiKey2$0.05
Cable tiePanduit Corp PLT1.5M-CDigiKey2$0.20
Cable, 6 cond Belden 9536Allied Electronics24$0.52
Cable, 9 condBelden 9423Allied Electronics12$0.82
Cable, Stainless 1/32" diameterSmall Parts Inc.6$0.25
CCD CameraWatec 902H3 SupremeSave on Video1$306.00
chamber clamp longcustom shopVarious machine shops2$25.00
chamber clamp shortcustom shopVarious machine shops1$25.00
chamber holder framecustom shopVarious machine shops1$130.00
Chamber holder pincustom shopVarious machine shops2$10.00
chamber legcustom shopVarious machine shops2$55.00
Connector header 2 pos RAMolex 70553-0001Allied Electronics1$0.41
Connector header 4 pos RAMolex 70553-0003DigiKey1$0.93
Connector header 4 pos vert friction-lockMolex 22-29-2041DigiKey2$1.09
Connector hood DB9Cinch DE-24657-30Mouser Electronics2$4.26
connector housing 2 jack inlinemolex 70107-0001Allied Electronics1$0.53
Connector housing 4 pos vert friction lockMolex 22-01-3047Allied Electronics2$0.15
Connector housing, 2 plugMolex 50-57-9402Allied Electronics1$0.35
Connector housing, 4 plugMolex 50-57-9404Allied Electronics1$0.19
Connector, 8 pos double-row plugMolex 22-55-2081DigiKey4$0.83
Connector, DE-9PCinch DE-9PNewark2$2.83
Connector, plug ribbon 103M 4610-6050DigiKey3$2.95
coverslip#2VWR ScientificVWR Scientific2$0.32
crossbar bracketcustom shopVarious machine shops4$40.00
crossbar slidercustom shopVarious machine shops2$45.00
D Ring3/8 inCreativeDesignWorks3$0.12
detector cross barcustom shopVarious machine shops2$50.00
Diode, Schottky1N5818DigiKey2$0.54
DL-2 basecustom shopVarious machine shops2$50.00
DL-2 holdercustom shopVarious machine shops2$50.00
Fiber adapterADAFC2Thorlabs2$10.20
Fiber Feedthru Platecustom shopVarious machine shops2$20.00
Fiber Optic ConnectorThorlabsThorlabs2$12.00
field lens washercustom shopVarious machine shops1$30.00
Filterblue glassThorlabs0.6$82.00
Filter flippercustom shopVarious machine shops2$15.00
filter holder disccustom shopVarious machine shops2$10.00
Filter ND absorptionNT48-532Edmund Optics3$22.00
Filter ND REF 12.5 DIA 0.5ODNT46-132Edmund Optics2$25.00
Filter Slider Basecustom shopVarious machine shops1$30.00
Filter Slider Pieces Setcustom shopVarious machine shops1$100.00
fluidics legcustom shopVarious machine shops3$30.00
focus tubecustom shopVarious machine shops1$80.00
focus-tube end capcustom shopVarious machine shops1$30.00
Glass tubing - dispenser typeGarner GlassKing Precision Glass0.2$2.00
glass tubing for pipetteKing Precision Glass (formerly Garner Glass)King Precision Glass0.5$1.00
hex spacer with clip holescustom shopVarious machine shops1$50.00
hex spacerscustom shopVarious machine shops5$45.00
Hexagon Base 6custom shopVarious machine shops1$250.00
hexagon fluidic base 3custom shopVarious machine shops1$100.00
hexagon topcustom shopVarious machine shops1$250.00
Hybrid beamsplitterNT49-005Edmund Optics2$175.00
Key Ring1 1/4 inCreativeDesignWorks1$0.30
kinematic riser blockcustom shopVarious machine shops2$65.00
kinetic mount bracketcustom shopVarious machine shops2$33.00
Knob for #6 capScrewMcMaster Carr4$0.12
Knob for #4 capScrewMcMaster Carr12$0.12
LaserLU0808M250-FBGLumics GmbH2$1800.00
laser basecustom shopVarious machine shops2$250.00
Laser Base Covercustom shopVarious machine shops2$33.00
laser cable clampcustom shopVarious machine shops2$20.00
LED blue 3mmVCC Electronics VAOL-3GSBY4Mouser Electronics1$0.47
LED lamp postcustom shopVarious machine shops1$65.00
LED slider mountcustom shopVarious machine shops1$30.00
left handed stage gizmocustom shopVarious machine shops1$150.00
Lensplano-convex, f=75Newport Corporation2$35.00
Lensplano-convex, f=63Newport Corporation2$35.00
Lensbi-convex, f = 50Newport Corporation1$30.00
Lensplastic, f=12mmThorlabs2$12.00
Lensachromat, f=20mmThorlabs2$38.00
Lens achromat, f=175CVI/Melles Griot1$74.00
Lens adapter 8mmcustom shopVarious machine shops2$10.00
Light Lever Lens Slidercustom shopVarious machine shops2$65.00
light lever mirror bracketcustom shopVarious machine shops2$75.00
light lever mirror risercustom shopVarious machine shops2$65.00
light lever pickoff tubecustom shopVarious machine shops2$50.00
Light lever standoff spacercustom shopVarious machine shops2$100.00
MagnetRadio ShackRadio Shack3$1.99
MirrorNT43-880Edmund Optics6$38.00
Mirror mount 2-screwKM05Thorlabs2$42.00
Mirror mount 3-screwKS05Thorlabs2$66.00
mirror offset risercustom shopVarious machine shops2$30.00
motor clampcustom shopVarious machine shops2$66.00
Motor Split Bushingcustom shopVarious machine shops1$15.00
needle , hypodermic #23 blunt tipSmall Parts Inc.2$0.38
needle , hypodermic #30 blunt tipSmall Parts Inc.1$0.29
NescofilmAzwell, Osaka, JapanKarlan Research Products Corp.0.001$20.00
objective centering bracketcustom shopVarious machine shops1$200.00
objective centering mount custom shopVarious machine shops1$125.00
Objective lensUPLSAPO 60XWOlympus America2$7430.00
objective mount railcustom shopVarious machine shops1$125.00
Objective sliderDS40-XNewport Corporation1$130.00
objective slider mountcustom shopVarious machine shops1$150.00
Optical fiberFibercoreThorlabs0.6$5.40
Optical Railcustom shopVarious machine shops1$350.00
PC boardLaser_Diode_Mount @10Various board manufacturers2$13.12
PC Board Detectors @4 boardsVarious board manufacturers1$59.50
Photo-diodePIN-10DIOSI Optoelectronics2$50.00
Piezo stackAE0203D08FThorlabs4$79.80
piezo tube bushingcustom shopVarious machine shops2$50.00
Piezo Tube End Capcustom shopVarious machine shops2$10.00
pinch clamp basecustomVarious machine shops1$40.00
pinch clamp frame 2custom shopVarious machine shops1$65.00
pinch clamp motorCramer 30569DigiKey1$38.64
pinch clamp nutThorlabsThorlabs1$10.70
pinch clamp screwThorlabsThorlabs1$14.70
Pivot ScreenTed PellaTed Pella Inc.2$0.20
plain beam blockcustom shopVarious machine shops1$100.00
Polarizing Cube BeamsplitterPBS-810-050CVI/Melles Griot4$220.00
Presser footcustom shopVarious machine shops1$10.00
prism box covercustom shopVarious machine shops2$50.00
Prism box framecustom shopVarious machine shops2$200.00
prism box frontcustom shopVarious machine shops2$20.00
prism box rearcustom shopVarious machine shops2$20.00
prism box standoff spacercustom shopVarious machine shops6$30.00
prism spacer cubecustom shopVarious machine shops4$20.00
prism spacer wedgecustom shopVarious machine shops4$25.00
Prism, RA05BR08Newport Corporation4$69.00
PSD holdercustom shopVarious machine shops2$125.00
PSD holder handlecustom shopVarious machine shops2$15.00
PSD largeDL-10OSI Optoelectronics2$195.00
PSD smallDL-4OSI Optoelectronics2$75.00
relay lens holdercustom shopVarious machine shops2$45.00
relay lens standoffcustom shopVarious machine shops2$20.00
Resistor, 1/4W, Carbon Film 5%220 ohm, Ohmite OK2215EAllied Electronics1$0.05
Retainer ringsSM05RRThorlabs16$5.10
retarder film1/2 WaveAnchor Optics1$11.05
retro beam blockcustom shopVarious machine shops1$100.00
retro prism holdercustom shopVarious machine shops1$25.00
Retro reflectorNewport BGR-6.35Newport Corporation1$379.00
Ribbon cable 16 Condalpha 3580/16Allied Electronics6$1.11
Ribbon cable 34 Condalpha 3580/34Allied Electronics6$1.00
Ribbon Cable Clampcustom shopVarious machine shops2$20.00
Ribbon Socket, 16AMP-Tyco 1658622-3Mouser Electronics1$1.48
Ribbon Socket, 34AMP-Tyco 1658622-8Mouser Electronics1$3.58
saran-wrap spacercustom shopVarious machine shops3$20.00
screw, lock kitCinch D20419-16Allied Electronics2$1.18
screw, Nylon set8-32 x 3/8"Product-Components6$0.25
Screw, SS Allen Cap2-56 x 3/16McMaster Carr8$0.06
Screw, SS Allen-cap8-32x1McMaster Carr8$0.09
Screw, SS Allen-cap8-32x3/8McMaster Carr2$0.06
Screw, SS Allen-cap8-32x5/8McMaster Carr6$0.07
Screw, SS Allen-cap6-32x7/8McMaster Carr16$0.07
Screw, SS Allen-cap6-32x3/8McMaster Carr12$0.06
Screw, SS Allen-cap4-40x3/16McMaster Carr28$0.12
Screw, SS Allen-cap4-40x1/2McMaster Carr23$0.05
Screw, SS Allen-cap2-56x1/2McMaster Carr4$0.07
Screw, SS Allen-cap4-40x3/8McMaster Carr5$0.04
Screw, SS Allen-cap8-32x3/4McMaster Carr22$0.08
Screw, SS Allen-cap8-32x7/8McMaster Carr4$0.09
Screw, SS Flat Head6-32x1/2McMaster Carr13$0.05
Screw, SS Flat Head6-32x1/4McMaster Carr3$0.06
Screw, SS Flat-head2-56x3/16McMaster Carr36$0.06
Screw, SS Flat-Head 2-56 x 3/4" McMaster Carr2$0.05
Screw, SS Flat-Head 4-40x1/2McMaster Carr18$0.04
Screw, SS set8-32 x 1.25"McMaster Carr6$0.26
Screw, SS set2-56x3/32McMaster Carr6$0.13
side panelcustom shopVarious machine shops3$30.00
side panel holes and notchescustom shopVarious machine shops1$45.00
side panel with holescustom shopVarious machine shops1$33.00
side panel with notchescustom shopVarious machine shops1$33.00
Solenoid pinch valveCole Parmer EW-98302-00Cole Parmer1$73.00
Spacer, Brass1/4" dia., 6-32 threading, 3/4" lengthMcMaster Carr5$0.82
Spacer, Brass1/4" long, 1/4" o.d., .115" i.d., non-threadedMcMaster Carr4$0.30
Spaghetti Clampcustom shopVarious machine shops2$50.00
Stage Bracketcustom shopVarious machine shops1$175.00
Stage Spreader Platecustom shopVarious machine shops1$85.00
Super glueLoctite Super Bonder® 495™McMaster Carr0.04$3.60
suspenders clipcustom shopVarious machine shops3$10.00
syringe 1 ml, tuberculinBecton Dickinson3$0.50
Tapeblack 1" x 60 yds.Thorlabs1$7.87
Temp SensorAD590JHNewark2$7.80
Terminal Vector T49Allied Electronics6$0.16
terminal crimpmolex 16-02-0117Allied Electronics2$0.23
Terminal, crimpMolex 16-02-0104Newark34$0.12
tube, rectangular brass 5/32 x 5/16""K and S EngineeringK and S Engineering0.02$3.39
tube, round 3/32"K and S EngineeringK and S Engineering1$0.75
tube, square brass 3/16"K and S EngineeringK and S Engineering1$1.69
tube, square brass 5/32"K and S EngineeringK and S Engineering1$1.59
tubing , Stainless #17 hypodermicSmall Parts Inc.0.5$2.00
tubing , Polyethylene Intramedic PE 10 Becton Dickinson2$1.00
tubing , silicone rubber , Tygon 3350 Saint-GobainProfessional Plastics6$0.11
tubing, furcation fiber opticThorlabs0.4$2.00
tubing, Teflon #24 thin wallLapp Tannehill3$0.21
tubing, Teflon #18 Thin Wall Small Parts Inc.6$0.50
WasherSS #8McMaster Carr3$0.07
Waveplate mountcustom shopVarious machine shops2$40.00
Webbing, nylon 3/8 in wideCreativeDesignWorks4$0.52
wiggler basecustom shopVarious machine shops2$50.00
worm bearing bracketcustom shopVarious machine shops1$40.00
Worm Gear Setcustom shopVarious machine shops1$50.00
XYZ Stage561D-XYZNewport Corporation1$1734.00
Z-axis limit nutcustom shopVarious machine shops1$15.00
Estimated cost: $35104.10